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Privacy Policy


Although our servers are not located in the EU, we provide the following facilities to address the requirements of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) of EU citizens.

The personal data is collected on our forums and bug-tracker. The personal data includes your name (nickname, pseudo-name or a real name, whichever you prefer), IP and e-mail address.

Such information is stored in the respective databases of aforementioned services and kept for an indeterminate period of time as it is required for proper functions of these systems. We use such information only to provide the aforementioned services.

Furthermore, our web server's log files may contain your IP address for all requests and on occasions may include an e-mail address. These log files are kept for one month, unless we need to investigate a problem with the server - in such cases, the log file may be kept for longer period, but it will be deleted after being used.

The collected data is not communicated, sold or otherwise provided to other parties, other than what is accessible through the public user interface.

You can freely use an alias and/or a special e-mail address that cannot be linked to your other personal information.

If you require to exercise your right to be forgotten, please contact us, providing us with your name, e-mail or other details that you want to be erased along with other required information so that we can find the requested data.

Please note that since some of the information can be displayed publicly, it can therefore be downloaded or transferred to other servers beyond our control. Furthermore, during new user registration, your user name, IP address and login are processed through StopForumSpam service to determine if you are not a spammer; this information is handled according to their privacy policy.

Our forum and bug-tracker use cookies to maintain a session for your activities. They do not use third-party cookies, and the cookies needed to make the website work are not transmitted to other sites.