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S3 Texture Compression supported?

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  • S3 Texture Compression supported?

    I have not seen Dxt1 formats available in PixelFormat enum. Are compressed texture formats supported in Afterwarp?

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    Afterwarp provides color conversion between the majority of pixel formats that it exposes. Technically, it is quite simple to include these formats to enumeration and enable Afterwarp to pick them during texture creation under the appropriate backend. However, to convert into these formats, you would need to use external tools, most of which are proprietary or otherwise are available under restrictive licenses; in other words, these would be the only formats that Afterwarp would expose but not support automatic conversion to/from. Since these are rarely used in CAD domain and so far were not requested by any of the customers, they are left unexposed.

    If there is really a need for those formats to be exposed, could you please describe what would be domain/application, and what particular problem would they solve.