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    The new Asphyre Framework can be used for game development? or just industrial applications?


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    I think you are referring to Afterwarp Framework - both Afterwarp and Asphyre are registered trademarks but they refer to two different products. Asphyre framework (also known as PXL, or Platform eXtended Library) is an open-source framework that I've been developing and maintaining since 1999, initially it was called PowerDraw.

    Latest Asphyre/PXL version is 1.1 and it is still being maintained at
    However, it is currently in maintenance mode only, it is not actively being developed mainly due to greatly diminished popularity of Delphi and Pascal as a programming language.

    Afterwarp Framework is a new framework that is internally written in C and C++, with a full API exposed to Delphi/Pascal. It is a moral successor to and a super-set of Asphyre/PXL in terms of features. It is fully suitable for game development and, in fact, with its object model hierarchy and high-performance optimizations would definitely excel for this purpose. The most recent version, Afterwarp v2, which is now in Alpha stage, in terms of visual quality and realism actually reaches the same level and even surpasses some popular modern AAA titles.

    Currently, all of our clients are located in industrial sector, which is the reason why the framework is marketed as such. However, if there would be interest in using the framework for game development, we would definitely support and encourage that.


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      Very interesting!

      You're using Microsoft Visual Studio?

      Thank you for your feedback!


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        For the development of Afterwarp, the editors used are Visual Studio, CodeLite, NotePad++, Context and Geany (last two for editing shaders). The compiler toolchains used are MSVC, mingw-w64 tool chain, gcc/clang (in Linux/FreeBSD) and GNU make. For Delphi/FreePascal port, it's FreePascal/Lazarus from SVN and Embarcadero Delphi Rio.