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Slight problem with shadows and back faces.

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  • Slight problem with shadows and back faces.

    I got shadows finally working in my test scene but with only a little problem. Meshmodels recieve their own shadows on their back sides. Can I prevent this somehow?
    PS : Using The TModeltexture method you recommended after my last question works great

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    While checking out the new version 1.1.0 I just saw that your demos seem to have the same effect. It's not as obvious since the shadows used here are light and not sharp but the back side of the conveyer belt and the box definitly have shadows which shouldnt be there.


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      This is a common side-effect of most shadow-mapping techniques which is most noticeable in self-shadows. You can try to play with parameters in TShadowParameters (in ModelViewer check method "UpdateShadowsClick" to see how to change it properly for all scene objects and texture containers) and also try different shadow techniques. Overall, you can either reduce the artifact or make it much less noticeable, but there is no way to get rid of it completely.