Architecture screenshot Afterwarp Framework ® provides both low-level graphics API that can be used to implement a custom rendering engine and a high-level graphics API, which includes InnerFlux ® rendering engine for real-time 2D and 3D visualizations. The framework has modular design, where each module is aimed at solving a specific group of tasks with a strong aim on reliability and high real-time performance.

3D Features:

  • Hybrid Forward - Deferred multi-stage rendering with an unlimited number of light sources (with up to 4 light sources that can be enabled simultaneously in a single stage), shadow casting and attenuation.
  • Arbitrary Meshes with custom interleaved and non-interleaved vertex formats and functions for generating many basic and advanced shapes such as planes, cubes, spheres, super-ellipses, super-toroids, among others. Many mesh operations are supported for calculating normals, axis-aligned bounding boxes, removing unused and duplicated vertices, applying transformations and others. ObjectPicking screenshot
  • Real-time Shadows with soft penumbra, antialiasing and a variety of rendering techniques, including optional cubic sampling of shadow maps.
  • Integrated Gaussian Blur with variable number of samples from 5 to 15 and controlled smoothness factor.
  • Order-Independent Transparency (OIT) with MSAA antialiasing and different techniques for fast approximate and exact solutions.
  • 3D Grapher module that can easily plot points with different shapes, lines of varying thickness, dotted lines and arrows.
  • Flexible Hierarchical 3D Object Model with integrated object picking, transformations, depth-sorting and real-time processing.
  • Fast and accurate Object Selection using voxel object representation, including tools for creation and visualization. Chemicals screenshot
  • Interactive Camera module and service functions for manipulating objects and controlling the view.
  • 3D Volume Surface generation and visualization directly on GPU from an existing iso-field provided in a 3D volume texture, without need of vertex or any other buffers. Optionally, the 3D volume texture can be generated directly in Compute Shaders, so the whole scene is generated and rendered directly on GPU. Other features such as multiple light sources and soft shadows are also supported for 3D volume visualization.
  • Integration with Open Asset Import Library (ASSIMP) to support a large variety of different 3D file formats (such as DXF, DAE, OBJ, X3D and many others).

2D Features:

  • Geometric Shapes such as pixels, lines with varying thickness, triangles, ellipses, quadrilaterals, hexagons, arcs, ribbons and tapes among others.
  • Arbitrary Paths with miter, beveled or round joints, and with butt, square or round line caps.
  • Polygons of any kind, including polygon-shaped holes in them, using automatic internal real-time triangulation. Chart3D screenshot
  • Color Gradients for geometric shapes, paths and other primitives.
  • Blending Effects with separate color and alpha-channel for each rendering technique.
  • Full GPU acceleration with antialiasing and automatic primitive batching for maximum performance.
  • Support for many different image formats (such as PNG, JPEG, etc.) with functions for high-precision pixel format conversion.
  • Signed-Distance Fields (SDF) with in-place generation and full hardware support, allowing to render an image as if it was vector graphics.
  • Cubic Interpolation in addition to linear and point interpolations for high-quality bitmap scaling.
  • Ability to Render to Bitmap and/or projecting 2D output to an arbitrary surface in 3D world.
  • Image Processing and precise conversion between integer and floating-point pixel formats.

Text Features:

FontsDemo screenshot
  • High-quality Unicode text-rendering using GPU with sub-pixel accuracy and antialiasing.
  • Easy Font Selection with all supported attributes such as family, weight, size, stretch, slant, etc.
  • Text Effects such as different types of border, shadow with full customization.
  • Color Gradients and Blending Effects for text rendering in real-time.
  • Text Alignment with both unit and pixel-accurate Text Dimensions calculation.
  • Arbitrary real-time scaling and interleaving of rendered text.
  • Signed-Distance Field (SDF) text rendering with 4x and 16x super-sampling for precision output in 3D, optional outline and configurable colors using YCH color space.
  • All aforementioned 2D Features apply to text, including rendering in a 3D world.

The framework, in addition to above features, provides many service functions dealing with colors and timing operations, a full 2D and 3D math library and other functionality covering many different aspects of enterprise and CAD use case scenarios. The framework can be either integrated to use an existing application window or panel for rendering, or used as completely standalone: a full set of functions are provided for creating and managing application and its window on each of the supported desktop platforms.