Screenshot We are excited to unveil our latest release of Afterwarp Framework ® version 3, a testament of our commitment to excellence and innovation. This update represents a significant milestone, reflecting a substantial development effort and is packed with groundbreaking new features:

  • Accurate, single-pass order independent transparency with a stunning Frosted Glass effect, adding a touch of elegance and realism to your visuals.
  • Real-time volumetric 3D text that not only adds depth to your designs but can also be curved, offering a new dimension of creativity. Plus, these texts can be converted into interactive objects for intuitive mouse picking and manipulation, bridging the gap between aesthetics and functionality.
  • A significantly upgraded camera module, now supporting both first-person and third-person views, providing you with versatile and immersive perspectives.
  • Advanced real-time rendering of 2D vector-based paths, bringing your designs to life with unprecedented clarity and precision.
  • Enhanced mesh extrusion capabilities, allowing for more complex and detailed 3D modeling.
  • Support for Variable Refresh Rate displays, 3D selection highlight effect, performance improvements leveraging AVX2 instruction set and many more...

And that's not all – we are also thrilled to introduce support for C# and .NET, opening up new possibilities for developers and creators alike. In our ongoing commitment to support the community, we've also revamped our licensing scheme, specifically tailored to better aid small companies and independent developers.

Join us in celebrating this momentous achievement, as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible!