NightBridge screenshot We are proud to formally announce the release of our newest Afterwarp Framework ® version 2. The framework introduces a new hybrid forward/deferred rendering pipeline using clustered shading, supporting many thousands of light sources in the same scene at real-time, some of which can also be optionally shadow casters.

A new material system with a variety of lighting models, along with a high-dynamic range (HDR) processing enable beautiful and highly realistic physically-based rendering (PBR). Screen-space effects such as ambient occlusion (SSAO), spatial and ground fog, different type of blur techniques and real-time color dithering enable creating amazing 3D scenes and visualizations.

Furthermore, this release also features an improved and highly optimized object modeling hierarchy that provides advanced frustum culling and object picking, supporting hundreds of thousands of objects in real-time. A native support for Wavefront OBJ file format is also included, supporting very large models of several gigabytes and more, highly optimized to provide best performance critical in CAD applications.

The new package includes C/C++ framework headers, samples, sample executables, media files, tools and documentation. Official language bindings with high-level wrappers, examples and documentation for Delphi and FreePascal/Lazarus are also available.

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If you encounter any problems with the framework or have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us.