Screenshot We are happy to announce that our newest state of the art Afterwarp Framework ® version 2 is entering Alpha development stage. The development of core features is being finalized and we are gradually shifting into testing phase.

This new major release has a new rendering pipeline with advanced features such as unlimited shadow casting light sources, screen-space ambient occlusion (SSAO), new materials, HDR lighting and reflection models, improved rasterization of text and vector graphics, among others.

There are many improvements regarding object hierarchies, including improved mesh management and auto-instancing feature, which enables to leverage high-performance when rendering thousands of objects with minimal effort.

The incoming release is scheduled to the middle of 2020, but we will be accepting pre-orders soon, which would allow an early access to our Afterwarp v2 beta program. Meanwhile, please enjoy our wallpaper that was fully rendered with our new framework.